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Here Sophia lamented. The entirety of her creative potential rested in her ill-conceived son, Yaldabaoth, and she was without means to recover what she lost to make herself full. Sophia pleads to the unseen - the Monad, the Father of the All, for an answer, to which her sibling aeons hear, and together they conspire to devise a method to recover the Achamoth (In some sects, "The Epinoia"), the fallen Sophia, where meanwhile Yaldabaoth stares longingly into the still incomplete Adam.


"Breathe", the assembled Aeons whisper into Yaldabaoth's ear. Convinced this is his own genius, he abides. But to his detriment, he breathes the Achamoth into Adam and loses it for himself. Adam sits upright, and he can articulate. He can think. He can reason. He can deduce - everything they might struggle with. Intimidated, Yaldaboath, his Archons and their Angels threw Adam into the lowest abyss of matter, so Adam might not be mightier than they. In this abyss, they fashioned a garden of distractions and surrogate pleasures. Here, they might watch Adam carefully. Here, they will fill his mind with distraction and busy his hands with the labors they cannot do. Here, they will encourage him to revel all of the rot and decay of their garden that disguises itself as joy and pleasure. Here, the archons will steer Adam away from the only fruit that matters.


And on this went, until one of the Archon's recognized a very familiar light within Adam.

The First Breath

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