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Sometimes, we move ahead with desire absent any understanding. We have an idea in our head with no mirror to project it upon, thus we have no idea the results of what we do - as our vision is limited in the face of desire.


Thus was Aeon Sophia, an Emanation from the Father of the All. Eventually entrenched by desire - but denied by her partnered Aeon, putting a stop to the alchemical equation: Sulfur and Salt in unison are necessary for creation. Sulfur without salt is an explosion. Salt without sulfur is inert matter. Their union is bridged by Mercury.


Sophia's desire became a gestation, and it was born absent the contribution of her partnered Aeon. Upon it's birth she found her creation grotesque. In her humiliation for creating such an abomination, she wrapped it in a cloud and cast it into the abyss of matter below.


However, the fetus animated into new life entirely - the Lion headed serpent of many names in many faiths - but known to the Gnostics as Yaldabaoth "The Child of Chaos", Saklas "The Foolish God", or Samael "The Blind God".


He awoke to find himself in a plane of unspoiled matter, as it was his to create and fashion. To which, Yaldabaoth declared, "There was nothing before me."


While easy to fault Sophia, her plight is ours. How many of us have dragged our knuckles through the dung of creation, and for such an effort we come to nothing? Or nothing worth keeping?


Absent divine insight and divine formula, all things are for naught. No matter how much magic you might do for the things you believe you want, but still leave you dissatisfied.

Self Emanation

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