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Introducing our exclusive collection of altar icons inspired by the powerful entities of the Ars Goetia – a compilation of seventy-two demons known for their ancient and arcane significance. These prints are meticulously crafted to evoke an aura of mystique and reverence, making them the perfect adornment for practitioners of the occult and those delving into the esoteric arts. Featured here, we offer King Paimon.

Each print features intricately detailed representations of the respective demons, capturing the essence of their otherworldly presence. The use of high-quality materials ensures the clarity and durability of the images, allowing them to serve as focal points for spiritual rituals and meditative practices.

For those seeking a traditional and unadorned aesthetic, our plain prints offer a minimalist approach, allowing the essence of the demons to speak for themselves. The crisp lines and fine details in these prints are perfect for creating a serene yet powerful atmosphere in your sacred space.

For a touch of ritualistic authenticity, we also offer prints with burned edges, adding a layer of symbolism to the visual representation. The charred borders not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also symbolize the boundaries between the mortal realm and the mystical domains these demons inhabit. The burned edges serve as a testament to the fiery energy associated with the Ars Goetia, creating a visually striking and immersive experience.

Whether you choose the plain prints for a clean and focused ambiance or opt for the prints with burned edges to infuse your ritual space with an extra layer of symbolism, our altar icons are designed to elevate your spiritual practices. Embrace the mystical energy of the Ars Goetia with these unique and captivating prints that bridge the gap between the earthly and the ethereal.

Paimon Altar Icon

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