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At the discovery of the Epinoia hidden within Adam, Yaldaboath's envy became a fury as Adam had all that he lacked. He directed his Archons and Angels to pursue Adam, so they might recover the Epinoia for themselves. Thus they caught Adam, and pulled the Epinoia from him - and it was beautiful, for she was the likeness of Sophia. Yaldaboath and his archons each attempted to make the Epinoia theirs, but it was hopeless as light cannot be smothered by darkness. In a desperate frustration, Yaldaboath commissioned his archon's to fashion the likeness of the Epinoia from crude matter as they did Adam. This would become the prison of the Epinoia, and they would name her Eve.


Here the perfect specimen was rendered imperfect, and became a species - the Anthropos. One would carry soul, the other would carry spirit, and each would long for the next.


By jealous decree, Yaldaboath bade them to drink the water of forgetfulness so they might forget their divine origin, and they'd spend a lifetime in toil and distraction so they might never remember - until they found a pair of unique trees, and a messenger.

Defiling Eve

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