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On his plane of unspoiled matter, Saklas fashioned for himself twelve lords and seven thrones to aid him in governing the the corporeal. Gathered together, reveling their power over nothing at all, a flash of light seized their attention. From above, they saw visions of beauty - infinitely tantalizing: bipeds walking upright, free from monstrous deformity. Saklas commanded the assembled lords and powers to create for him a throng of angels, and it was so. The Angels, Lords and thrones gathered before Saklas, 365 in all, and listened: "Know that I am a jealous God, and there is no other God but me". To which, the assembled wondered, if there was no God but Saklas, what is there to be jealous of?


Still inspired by the vision he was convinced was of his own brilliance, Saklas set the assembled to their first task: to fashion man from matter. Each angel was set to fashion one component of the body, using the four elemental archons as raw material. At long last, their masterpiece was complete, and he was named Adam - and each of the gathered become fascinated, if not infatuated, with their creation.


But for all of their effort, it mattered little. Their creation was inert dirt, and Adam sat in repose.

Constructing Adam

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